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We can conduct a full assessment to ensure your estate and consignment jewelry is valued at the price you deserve!



History of Our Estate Jewelry

Steve Pagan has been handling estate pieces since 1977, offering clients the best in estate appraisals. This makes Pagan’s the most qualified to handle your antique fine jewelry, and we guarantee to provide the best and most honest care for our clients. We have loyal clients who turn only to Pagan’s for selling their pre-owned pieces, and have been the premier estate and consignment jewelers in the area for over 40 years.

Get the benefits you deserve!

We are committed to offering the best possible outcome for both the buyer and the seller, and our goal is that both parties are able to leave satisfied.  We hope to get the seller the fairest price possible for their pre-owned pieces, and hope to get the buyer an affordable, gorgeous new piece for whatever occasion.

Get personalized service each step of the process

At Pagan’s, we want our clients to feel they are receiving the best possible care for their pre-owned fine jewelry.  We strive to keep you in the know with every step of the consignment process, and want you to feel you're getting your money’s worth when working with us.  

"My ring is gorgeous! Pagan's is locally owned and it shows through their great customer service. One of the guys met my husband (boyfriend at the time) with my ring for him to propose with the day of an hour out of town just so he would have it that night!"

- Myrissa E.

Trust the professional experts

When leaving a piece for the Estate and Consignment case, you can trust that Steve is taking great detail to determine the value of your jewelry, and that our staff handles each piece with care.  We are determined to find your pre-owned piece its perfect owner.

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